• Travel Soap | Variety of shapes


    Bring Aradiant Skin Care on vacation with these adorable Travel Soap shapes!  Each soap is perfectly sized to take with you anywhere you go.  With kid friendly shapes, and scent free options, these soaps are perfect for anyone who wants to take the quality of Aradiant Skin Care on the go.

    These are also great for around the house!  You don't have to take them on vacation, use them to decorate your bathroom at home (or your kids bathroom).

    All of the ingredients in this soap are humanely sourced and environmentally friendly.  Therefore, we never use palm oil in any of our products.  Our farm, Aradia Farm, is the source of the porcine oil, using pasture raised pigs.  Aside from the many benefits of porcine oil, it is also a hard oil.  As a result porcine oil makes a very firm bar of soap that is long lasting.  In addition to porcine oil, this soap contains coconut oil.  Coconut oil has many benefits for skin but best of all, the coconut oil and porcine oil combination creates a sumptuous lather.  This rich lather will leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

    To make this soap truly special we add Shea Butter.  Due to its properties, the Shea Butter does not get fully saponified in the soap making process.  Therefore, many of its skin loving properties are readily available for your skin.

    Because the colorant is mica or oxide, the color can run on to the counter or may appear in the lather.  We only use water soluble colorants so they will easily rinse away with water.  Mica and oxides are safe for use on skin and are gentler than traditional soap colorants.

    Each shape is slightly different in size.  Check below to see the weight on each shape.

    Shapes Available:

    Dog Face (No Scent Added) 2 oz

    Cow Face (No Scent Added) 2 oz

    Chick Face (No Scent Added) 2 oz

    Bunny Face (No Scent Added) 2 oz

    Lotus (Sweet Grass Scent) 1.4 oz

    Shamrock (Cucumber Mint) 1.25 oz

    Maple Leaf (Mountain Rain Scent) 1.25 oz

    Oak Leaf (Mountain Rain Scent) 1.25 oz

    Elm Leaf (Mountain Rain Scent) 1.25 oz

    Ginko Leaf (Mountain Rain Scent) 1.25 oz

    Hawthorne Leaf (Mountain Rain Scent) 1.25 oz

    Travel Soap Ingredients:

    Porcine Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Distilled Water

    Sodium Hydroxide

    Shea Butter

    To learn more about Aradiant Skin Care visit our website aradiantskin.com