Aloe Shower Gel | Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash

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Embrace shower time with our new, all natural Aloe Shower Gel.  This natural shower gel will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.  Best of all, your skin will feel soft, supple and moisturized - no need for added moisturizer!  

We make our Aloe Shower gel as part of a two step process. The first step is to make our traditional Aloe Soap.  We retain many of the benefits of the aloe vera due to the hot process soap making process.  Hot process soap requires cooking the soap until all the sodium hydroxide has reacted with the oils.  When saponification is complete, we add the raw aloe vera to the soap and pour into molds.  This prevents the aloe vera from saponifying with the rest of the oils and thereby retains the qualities and benefits of aloe.  

The second step of the process is to turn the bar soap back into a gel.  In traditional bar soap making, using a hard oil, such as porcine oil, makes the bar firm and long lasting.  This is great for bar soap, but not so much for gel.  To get it to a gel state, the soap needs to be melted down.  In this second step, the bar soap is ground then cooked with water and even more aloe vera.

This shower gel not only has all the benefits of our Aloe Soap, but has even more aloe.  This means you get a beautiful, thick, rich lather with super moisturizing benefits.  

This shower gel is perfect for traveling, college students, or anyone who loves our Aloe Soap, but prefers a gel wash instead.


*Note: We take great pride in the sustainability and health of our products and their packaging.  However; due to limitations in packaging this product is in PET plastic.  While PET plastic is a recyclable plastic, we regret that we have to use any plastic at all.  Please be sure to recycle the bottle when you finish with it. 

Aloe Shower Gel Ingredients:

Water, Aloe vera, Porcine Oil, , Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Fragrance

Net Volume : 8 oz

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